01-safetyconstruct-150x113pxBelgum - Lille | “If you are a roofer, industrial contractor or installer of solar systems and looking for edge protection at a high level, you have come to the right place at Safety Construct. For more than 10 years now, we have been installing and renting out various systems, but the edge protection from Roof Safety Systems is a cut above the rest. Because of its light weight it is easy to handle and quickly assembled, which has benefits for installation, transport and service life,” says Willem Renders from Safety Construct.
Renders has consciously chosen RSS: “The work on the roof is not only safe, but also performed under good conditions. A roof that is properly secured is the best advertising sign for the roofer as well. That’s why we decided to work with Roof Safety Systems.”
Renders closes with an appeal to roofers: “If you’re fed up with traditional climbing harnesses or various checks, pick Roof Safety Systems. That’s what Safety Construct did too.”